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Thursday 28 June 2012

Name Our New Cocktail!

Poor drink - so delicious, yet so unnamed - UPDATE! NO LONGER UNNAMED!
02/07/2012: UPDATE! You voted for its name, and the winner is 'Respect Your Elders' as suggested by Rosie Jones. Congratulations Rosie, what a terrific name!

I'm going through a non-alcoholic drinks phase at the minute, which is great for my mornings, but generally terrible for my tastebuds. Why are soft drinks so awful? Poor The Teetotallers, The Pregnants, Those on Antibiotics and People Who Just Want A Rest.

Go to a pub and you've generally got a choice between drizzly, watered-down coke, those ghastly J20s which leave you feeling as though you've had a mouldy fruit soldered to your tongue, or orange juice and lemonade. Or lime and lemonade. Or a really deeply tedious early exit.

Partly to make my drinks less boring, and partly so I've got a better selection of UnBooze to offer my tee-total friends when they come round for dinner, I've started experimenting to find drinks with a kick. This one is a favourite already because it's dead easy, and it tastes a little bit wicked.

  • Elderflower cordial
  • Tonic water of your choosing
  • Mint ice cubes
  • (Optional for boozehounds: shot of gin)
Make it!

Break up some mint and pop it in ice cube trays. Top up with water and freeze. Add a couple of cubes to a long glass. Pour in a measure of cordial and top up with tonic.

It's really, really delicious. The bite of the tonic makes it feel like a treat and the prettiness of the mint dissolving into your drink adds a bit more ritual and prettiness than just bellowing "DO YOU WANT SOME CORDIAL THEN HELEN" at your poor booze-free guest.

As many people pointed out on Twitter last night, a dollop of gin would make this an excellent alcoholic drink, so go for it. But in the meantime, my drink needs a name! I asked our Facebook readers last night, and was both impressed and horrified at the levels of your punning.

Here are my favourite five, and the genius who come up with each of them. You've got until midnight on Sunday to vote for your favourite.

Still here? Here's another cocktail I invented earlier...


  1. Actually I think you should call it Elderly Care.

  2. 'Poor The Teetotallers, The Pregnants, Those on Antibiotics and People Who Just Want A Rest.'

    Oh, I'm so with you on this. Sometimes I tell people I'm not drinking and they look like they're about to have a stroke.

  3. Oh man yes. I've got mint in the freezer, so it won't take much to crumble that into the ice cube tray.

    The best place for non-alky cocktails that I've found is Ping Pong ( - they have wonderful concoctions with mint or vanilla sugar and mmmm so tasty.

  4. Mmm, another excuse to go to Ping Pong! I'm trying to avoid anything too sugary or I'll pile a ton.

    @Orbyn - Excellent.

  5. Love a pun! Got to be Cordially Yours for me!
    Also, worth knowing I think..... lots of common antibiotics are ok to drink alcohol with! A real life nurse told me!
    When we're avoiding booze, we love lemonade, lime cordial and a tiny squirt of bitters (I know that is technically alcoholic).... well refreshing.


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