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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Hand Printed Tights from Luna and Curious

Let's face it, we didn't expect to be entering July in tight-wearing weather. But the wind, the rain and the clouds suggest otherwise, and if we're going to be wearing winter clothes we might as well make things interesting.

You don't get tights much more interesting than the ones created by French design brand Les Queues des Sardines, and they're being stocked by the ever-brilliant Luna and Curious via their Culture Label shop. So now you can keep warm and also have the coolest legs in town.

The Bouba tights are cute but kooky. They also come in a toned-down brown, but I like that fetching shade of mustard. They're £40.

The Polly tights get curiouser and curiouser. Eyes on your shins? Why not? They're £40 too.

Schneewittchen, the name of these tights, means Snow White in German. You can probably tell why they were named this. I like the idea of wearing a fairytale. They're £46.

Lastly, for something a little more everyday subtle, you could try the Bonny tights. I'd feel pretty kick-arse wearing these. They're £40.

If any aren't available on Culture Label, you can also buy them direct from the Luna and Curious shop.

Although perhaps a little more than I could afford ordinarily (not at the rate I ladder my tights anyway), these are not the sort of thing I'd wear every day, so I'm oddly tempted to grab a pair and go frolicking through a forest.


  1. I like the Bouba ones, but feel I could achieve the same effect by simply not shaving my legs for a week and then drawing faces on them. Hmm.. tempting.


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