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Tuesday 19 June 2012

Debbie Harry Paper Doll

According to Maiden, this Debbie Harry Paper Doll is 'the best dress-up fun you'll have with a pair of scissors'. They're probably right - this little kit lets you cut out a mini Debbie Harry and dress her up in fabulous outfits.  Then you can have your very own desk Debbie Harry singing along and bopping about to your iTunes, basically turning your PC keyboard into a mini TOTP stage.

There's my new dream for the week.

Debbie is £7.50 and if you wanted to get her some friends to sing along with, you can. She can do a duet with Lady Gaga (imagine!) or she can go dancing with David Bowie. She can also leave Adele in the corner to look stroppy and sing about pavements.

Want to see Debbie wearing that fabulous yellow dress in real life? Here it is in Blondie's Picture This video. Play it loud, while ordering your own little Debbie doll.

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