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Thursday 21 June 2012

Camilla Engdahl Teapot

I don't know if I'm supposed to admit this, but I'm not a massive fan of teapots. I should be, I bang on about the leafy stuff more than is completely normal. I appreciate that if you make a pot of tea, you've basically got all of the tea, but it's the whole rigmarole that goes with it that I don't like. Do I need one teabag or two? Do I need to take the teabag out? What about milk, where does that go? And sugar? Now I've got to carry THREE things back to the sofa? Why does it come with such a small cup?! Oh bugger, it's dribbling. It's all over the sofa and my laptop and Slanket and now I have to pause the Labyrinth DVD because bloody everything is ruined.

That happens every single time I think using a teapot is a good idea.

But I like this blossom teapot by Scandinavian ceramic designer Camilla Engdahl. I really like it. I like it enough to forget that I ever get in a sulk when I make teapot tea. I'm so blinded by the pretty (and the very cool lid), that I've forgotten all of the tea stains in anyone's living room ever are my fault. It's only £25.50 from Howkapow, maybe this teapot will be different.

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