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Friday 15 June 2012

Bee friendly by Stuart Gardiner

I just had a bit of a run in with a bee on the train. Mr Bee decided that he'd fly down my dress, causing me to shriek and scream like a six-year-old girl with pigtails. (Massive thanks to the pretty girl who helped me. By the way, your tan is excellent.)

The thing is, despite being sexually harassed by a boob-friendly bumble bee, I didn't want to kill him. I've never been one to kill insects and bugs, even the ugly ones. I'm more likely to give them a gentle shove and swear at them until they've gone away. It's not always an effective method.

We need bees them for all sorts of things - they help our economy, our food supply and the very clever ones even make us honey. Bees are ace, and not nearly as mean and stingy as wasps, who don't do anything useful.

This bee tea towel (or bee towel) is by the always helpful Stuart Gardiner. It'll tell you what flowers you need to plant in your garden to keep the bees happy. And once you've paid your £10, Stuart will donate 75p to Friends of the Earth and you can get on with planting your bee-friendly flowers.

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  1. Ah, I think this is my favourite design of his yet! Sorry to hear about your bee run (or should that be fly?) in on the train though...


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