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Thursday 28 June 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Seek & Adore

Imagine if Etsy and the V&A and Facebook joined forces. It would be all crafty and eclectic and a little bit like the best social network ever. That's basically the premise behind Seek & Adore. They've got the designers and the shopping side sorted (so far so online shop), but the website also adds a lovely social element. You can find out what the designers are up to and what they're working - a little like a status update. There are interviews with the designers, they can upload videos and you just get to know them a little bit.

Oh, and the designers are pretty swish as well. This adorable mouse mug is by Helen Button.

This little clay cat brooch is by Georgina Fowler and it's just £15.

Could there be a more perfect green? I think not. Lucy Burley agrees, she's the clever thing behind this bright green jug.

These travel notebooks are yummy. They're from Bookery.

Heh. A lavender-filled bat! He's adorable.

I really like Seek & Adore - it's a gorgeous collection of 'things' (although it could stand to be a little more exciting, it's verging on being a little too 'chic Country Living'), the website is really lovely and it's a great way to get to know designers you might never have heard of otherwise. It might not replace my Bouf habit, but it's well worth a look with a cuppa.

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