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Friday 5 October 2012

Bag Lust: Oasis Yellow Shoulder Bag

Bright yellow handbags make me smile. Bright yellow anything, really. But the thing is, I'm blonde (stop looking at my roots) and I've actually got quite a yellowish complexion. I can bang on about yellow dresses as much as I like, I still can't wear them.

So instead I opt for yellow accessories. In the instance of this Oasis 'Minna' bag, you can assume that 'opt for' really means 'bought so quickly that my computer mouse no longer works'.

You see, yellow and autumn colours are friends. Yellow wants to hang out with those jewel colours that you like so much. All of them. It wants to go dancing with green, get drunk with red and orange and lie in the heap on a floor with anything teal. Frankly, this bag will go with anything.

And it's as cheap as I just made it sound - it's not leather (although I reckon it's got ideas above its station because it's doing a damn good job of pretending) - it's just £38.

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