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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Bag Lust: Warehouse Colourblock Satchel

I'm in the market for a new satchel. My last one looked pretty, but it was all wrong for me and threatened to trap a nerve in my left shoulder. Ouch.

But the actual satchel? Very useful indeed. Cross body straps make me happy. You can do all sorts of gallivanting and you can - imagine - hold two things at once. In my case, usually a drink and a cigarette. Or sometimes just two drinks. Maybe a cup of tea and a biscuit. Two cheeseburgers. Two ferrets! Look, I'm just saying that a bag with a cross body strap gives you options.

And they're roomy, in a bookish sort of way. I have almost always got a book and a notebook stashed in my bag. Even if I'm going to the pub. I live in south east London, going to the pub usually requires a train journey and you can't have a train journey without a book (are you mad?)

And that's why I'm coveting this colourblocking satchel in all its super autumn shades. The front straps are cute (you won't use that little handle but it looks good) and it looks roomy. Maybe big enough for a small hardback. I also like that Warehouse's wash care instructions say 'not applicable'. That's because it's fake leather, but I really like their way of thinking. I also like the £36 price tag, it means that I can actually afford two drinks to carry once I've bought it.


  1. That is all kinds of gorgeous!

  2. Oh, I LOVE this. I adore satchels, and the colours on that are gorgeous.

  3. I love this! It would be in my shopping cart now but Ollie&Nic have a midseason sale and they had a lovely plum crossover bag for just £25! This is adorable though.


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