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Tuesday 2 October 2012

Black Lace Skirt

Given how simple it is, black lace often divides people (no, not that Black Lace). It's not always easy to wear and sometimes it looks cheap. It can be reminiscent of tacky lingerie and horrible Halloween costumes. Or both, if you're lucky. If you're not careful, lace can be a nightmare.

Then ASOS came up trumps with this black lace skirt. It's so friggin' sexy, without even trying. The length (and the model's ass) are absolutely perfect. Ignore the peplum in the top photo, that's rubbish, instead just look at all of those slinky lines and how luscious that skirt is. And the lace trim? Cor.

I don't wear much black these days. I pretty much live in black opaques so often opt for something brighter but I can't resist this skirt. It's like getting a little dose of sophistication delivered to you in the post. All for the bloody excellent price of £28.

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