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Wednesday 3 October 2012

Help! A Cat Burglar Has Stolen My Heart!

When you squee upon seeing a jumper, there is a fairly high chance that you are a) sleep deprived and b) totally going to buy it. Say hello to my new jumper. It has a CAT BURGLAR ON IT! A silly smiley cat burglar. It is ridiculous and I love it. Well done Topshop.

It also helps that the jumper itself is a gorgeous dusky bottle green and looks perfect for lazy weekend lounging on the sofa before schlepping off to the pub for a roast dinner. I'm picturing it with some grey skinny jeans and biker boots.

It is all about the cat though. Let's take a closer look.
I love him. Nearly as much as Henri Le Chat. To get lots of your own snuggly feline smiles, you'll need to give Topshop £38 which isn't a bad exchange.


  1. I need to buy this immediately.

  2. I had a similar reaction to these two awesome jumpers:

    His tail goes around the back!

  3. It's a lovely design and colour, but it is an oversized jumper - great if you're slender, crap if you have a bust as you'll look like an egg on legs. I sized down three sizes - usually sizing down does the trick - and it still made me look like Hattie Jacques. Gutted.

  4. FYI - I sent it back - It was all itchy... yuck.


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