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Thursday 1 November 2012

Join the mug parade

I'm on a self-imposed mug buying ban. My cupboards, window sills and boxes I haven't unpacked since moving (er, five months ago) are overflowing with the things. But their appeal is hard to resist: colourful, a relatively cheap way to buy the work of favourite designers and guaranteed to bring you comfort and coffee.

Like all the chocolate in the shops over Lent, or half price bottles of red wine, mug manufacturers seem determined to break my good intentions. There are so many lovely designs around at the moment (see also: Sara's Blossom and Bill mug). Please buy some of these so I don't have to.

First off is this design by Ingela P Arrhenius available at Hus &  Hem. It's got birds on it for goodness sakes. And not just any birds. There's owls and toucans as well. Bold and bright, it'll embolden and brighten your day too for £9.95.

I'm really pleased Kate Spade's charming products are now more widely available in UK. So pleased I'll attempt to overlook this typically witty Make Headlines Make Mischief mug is £27.50. For £27.50 I'd like it to make me my cup of tea as well.

If fancy handles are your thing, you're bound to adore this antler mug. Disclosure: it comes from the place where I work when I'm not being domestically slutty. But, oh dear, how I love this deer. This one is £25. Take a look at the moose and the ram mugs too.

Famille Summerbelle won my heart with their images of Paris. Now they're slowly turning it into mush, as they've turned their attention to New York with a gorgeous new range including this Manhattan mug. It's £12. Stop it, you're killing me. Don't make me look at the lovely wallpaper too. No.

Testing my no new mug policy even further, this flower mug from Repeat Repeat looks like it would be really satisfying to hold. I can imagine it working well in those cup of green tea/body is a goddess moments where you're tempted to go on Twitter and declare your life #bliss. It's £10.50 from Heal's (#perhapsitsagoodthingImnotallowedtobuyit).

Lisa Jones's animal mugs have raised their little cute mugs on this site before. But who could resist the smile of the new Happy Lion. Look at how happy he is. He's yours for a smile friendly £10.50 from Hunkydory Home.

Now to decide which one I'm almost definitely not going to buy....


  1. Look at the lion! How could you not buy him?

  2. Oh god, too many lovely mugs. The cupboards are already groaning at my house!

    1. I know, I sympathise entirely - just when you think you can't possibly have any more, they go and issue a whole load of delightful new ones.

  3. I still live with my family, and we all have a weakness for mugs. So our mug cupboard is literally overflowing - I have more mugs in my bedroom, being saved for my future home... I just can't resist them! My mum can't resist buying them as gifts for us as well - I have a fondness for bourbon biscuits (strangely, no one else in the family likes them) and I mentioned that Tesco did a mug with a bourbon biscuit on it. Next thing I knew, it was in my possession via my mother. Treasured mug include a cute Cath Kidston one, one with kittens wearing Christmas hats (it's cheesy, it was a gift from a family friend and I LOVE it, being a cat-lover). I have lots and lots of mugs... but it's never enough! 3 mugs in this article are calling my name - the lion, the birds, and the mug with the ram handle - it looks so elegant!

  4. Look! The Famille Summerbelle design is very similar to these prints by Dominic Clifford:

    Curing your mug addiction and adding prettiness to your walls. You're welcome.


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