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Monday 1 October 2012

Sluttishly Brilliant: Cards In The Post

Every so often there's an article about how fabulous it is to get real post through your actual door, and we all read and think "oh yes, it IS nice to have something to open that isn't a bill, let me dig out my best pen and nice writing paper and - OMG is that a dog with a fluffy tail outside, which Instagram filter shall I use to bring out his fur?" Before we know it, the notepaper is covered in dust, the pen is lost under the sofa, and we don't remember where we've put our extortionate first class stamps anyway. At at least there is a dog in Valencia for us to click "like" on.

Now our loves for the internet and for real live post can be brought together, thanks to Cards In The Post. It brings together social media and postcards by letting you upload a picture from Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else, add a message and make it into a beautiful card. They then transform it into a physical postcard and post it out anywhere in the world. It's so simple that you wonder why it hasn't been done before.

Cards cost £2 to send in the UK, but you can send them anywhere in the world. Release your photos from their digital prison on your computer and let them fly free into the world. And if you're on holiday, this could be the easiest way to send postcards home that (a) aren't incredibly cheesy and (b) don't involve remembering the Swedish words for "twelve stamps for the UK please".

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