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Thursday 4 October 2012

Sluttishly Spicy: Chillies in Everything!

As the nights draw in, warm the cockles of your heart with some chillies. Ok, I'm not sure which part of the heart the "cockle" is, but the chilli is capable of heating up every part of you (I've eaten a curry that made my eyeballs sweaty!), cockles included. Of course, Hazel's smoky chilli sauce is guaranteed to be the best thing you've ever tasted and is dangerously quick and easy to make (and eat), but there's a world of chilli out there. Chilli oil is ideal for drizzling over dishes to add a last-minute punch (noodles and pasta are often given this treatment in my kitchen). This Il Boschetto Chilli Oil is from £6 from John Lewis and would be brilliant for dipping exciting Italian bread into.

Turn your everyday curry into something spectacular by stirring some chilli pickle into it. This hiccup-inducing spicy pickle is a sizzling mix of chillies, mustard seed and herbs and spices that would take you weeks to make and moments to pick off the shelf at your local supermarket, or order it online at The Asian Cookshop.

It seems as if every food writer in the world is talking about Sriracha chilli sauce and it has many fans. While I'm not jumping on the bandwagon, I felt I had to at least mention its gutsy blend of sun-ripened chillies and garlic that really does seem to make all food taste better. If you're already a disciple, you can buy a 730ml bottle from The Asian Cookshop for £4.99, or find smaller ones in selected supermarkets for £3.49.

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