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Monday 8 October 2012

Ticket + Coasters = TicketCoaster

 TicketCoaster isn't like most of the sites we feature. Here's a few reasons why:

1) it doesn't have a whimsical name like Ridley and Dowse or Manikinn. It has an entirely Ronseal name. TicketCoaster makes COASTERS from TICKETS.
2) it doesn't offer a beautiful website you can lose yourself in for hours, clicking on swishy dresses or  household fripperies. Frankly, it looks like it was made in Geocities in 1996.
3) they offer just one service: turning used tickets into coasters. You've grasped this now, I'm sure.
4) Payment options? Forget Paypal - you need to send them a cheque, like we did in the past.

I absolutely love them, by the way. I suspect the service is done very earnestly by a small dedicated team who will take the utmost care of your beloved tickets. It's a rather ace way to preserve your memories of an awesome gig or play or festival. They add a cork backing, laminate it all together, post it back to you - all for £6. Dig out your old tickets (and your chequebook) and get in touch.


  1. Ah, what a lovely thing to do with old tickets - mine are all stuffed into old shoeboxes, this is much better!

  2. I love this idea! I'm going to find my old tickets (although I can't be sure I've even got a chequebook any more...)

  3. Isn't it ace? It's such a simple idea. It'll make me happy to see my old tickets on my table, rather than shoved in my wallet.

  4. Mine are all in a shoe box. Except my Swan Lake ticket stubs. They're on my bedside table with tea rings on them. Because I've erm... been using them as a coaster.

  5. But Sian, you could have them made into lovely wipe-clean coasters. No more tea rings.

    1. Yes, I could. My cheque book also has tea rings all over it...


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