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Monday 2 August 2010

Sexy Stationery: Lashings of Ginger Beer

You know those occasions when you want to let someone you know you're thinking about them, and a present isn't really appropriate, but a card on its own looks lame and isn't enough effort? Maybe it's a birthday but you'll be seeing them soon so you don't want to pay the postage on a heavy bundle of goodies, but still want them to have something to open on their special day? (Living miles away from my nearest and dearest but also being constantly poverty-stricken, I have this conundrum at least once a month.) Maybe it's someone you don't know that well (so you'll probably just end up playing them with booze when you're next together rather than gamble on a present that they might not like), but you still want to show them you care.

This Lashings of Ginger Beer card is the perfect in-between option (especially during the summer or for Famous Five fans!), because as well as a funky black and gold card, it also comes with a sachet of ginger beer mix. So, even in your absence, the recipient can toast your absence with a glass of fizzy pop! It's £4.99, from The Contemporary Home.

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