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Friday 22 July 2011

Ask the Sluts: Who are our favourite cuddly toys?

Everyone has a favourite fluffy toy. One that you'll cuddle when you're sad. The one you grab when you're sick, and one that has to go with you wherever you move. He (or she) takes pride of place in your room, and you always call them by their name. They might be a little bit childish, but they're very important, those cuddly toys.

Sian: When I was little, it was a little monkey called Minky, but he was loved so hard that he fell apart and even several needle and thread operations couldn't save him. Now, I have a lot of love for my cuddly stingray (I know). He's cushion sized and perfect for hugging. He's called Urwin. Completely harmless, I promise.

Carrie: Now, let me recount to you a story. When I was about six or seven, I had a small army of cuddly toys. Each night I would carefully arrange all 25 (or so!) of them in my arms and sleep with said arms wrapped tightly around all of them. My parents, somewhat dismayed by this clear and apparent showcasing of deep-seated insecurity, sat me down and told me they "wanted me to see a counsellor". "Why?" I asked. "I need to hold them like that in case there's a fire so we can all get out."Ah. The logic of a child. So, I guess, I couldn't pick one. Although my counsellor Sarah was very nice. and taught me to make the most killer nut roast I have ever tasted.

Michelle: When I was wee bairn my godmother sent me a beanie koala bear from America that she bought on the very day I was born. That koala, who was eventually named Toby when I was old enough to talk, and I were inseparable. I still have Toby, although I no longer take him everywhere with me. In fact I don't even get to cuddle him that much any more as he is a bit too delicate these days. The years have not been as kind to Toby as they have to me. But in fairness I haven't lost an eye or had to have any of my limbs sewn back on by a ten year old.

Sel: When I was seven, I got a puppy. Not an actual puppy - I don't particularly like dogs - but a Pound Puppy. He is called Spotty and he has 27 spots. And a tartan collar that my mum made for him when his original collar broke. No puppy has ever been so loved and although I've passed on other cuddly toys to my children, Spotty is all mine.

Gemma: I had a Mimmy. Mimmy was a cross between a bunny and a blanket (basically a patchwork circle with a rabbit head) and I carried her everywhere. Apparently 'Mimmy' was my word for bunny when I was tiny. When Mimmy went to the great binbag in the sky loft she was subsequently replaced by Snowy (white bear) and Cinnamon (huge brown bear).

Sarah: When I was a kid in a pushchair, I had a terrible habit of stealing things in shops and shoving them under my bottom in shops. My mum would get me back to the car and lift me up to find an array of silky size 6 knickers underneath me, that I had grabbed off the rails. One day I managed to grab a furry rabbit and it became my cuddly toy of choice, and still has pride of place on my bed. I’m not sure if it’s a he or a she, but it’s called Hoopi.

Monkeys, stolen rabbits and a counselling session. All entirely normal. Who were your favourite cuddly toys?

Flickr image from dustpuppy's photostream.


  1. Awww :) My favourite cuddly toy is a little cliche - it's a brown bear. She used to have a little voicebox in but apparently it got too annoying so my mother removed the mechanism allowing her to repeat everything that was said in growls.
    I got her on my 1st birthday and when I was old enough to talk, I named her A.G...short for Agatha Gertrude. Now, if that name isn't a sign of a bizarre child, I don't know what is!

  2. My Dad named most of my cuddley toys as a child, my top 3 were Boozey the Bear, Samantha Fox and Joleson the Owl (Owl Joleson?)

    I also had a doll named Fishybod, that was all me...

  3. My favourite bear was a Care Bear and he was my gift from God.

    I'd been asking for weeks, nay, months for a Care Bear, they were all the rage at the time (I was 7) and I was desperate for one for my Birthday.

    My mum just couldn't afford one at the time, they were simply too expensive. She was thinking about what the heck she could get me and went to this great shop on the main road that sold every sweet known and toys too. In the window sat a Care Bear and that particular shop had a Christmas club...where you can pay just a few pounds a week until you have enough money to pay for your item and take it home, so that's what mum did.

    And I was thrilled when I opened up my Grumpy Care bear on my birthday. He went everywhere with me and he even went to hospital with me the day I went into labour at 21.

    But sadly he passed away (well,fell apart) a few years ago and my brilliant Sister bought me a new one to replace him. He's not the same but he sits i my bedroom and reminds me of my Grumpy, the bear who was sent by an angel.

    (Yes, I realise I've romanticised things a bit. I think it's allowed when it comes to such important things)

  4. I had a Lolly dolly (, which I'd take everywhere with me. Apparently I actually had two, but I don't remember (I think one 'died' in a tragic incident involving not me, but both my brothers and a head coming off. I don't especially want to think about it).

    In the year before to university, I was given two toys: a growly bear from The Bear Factory (none of this Build-A-Bear bollocks), he sits on on my wardrobe and wears a sailor's outfit, although I think I have a leather jacket for him somewhere (I always liked boys in leather jackets). I was also given Monkey (who looks a little like the large one, but this picture's not quite right: He epitomises 'cool'.

  5. Sorry my links didn't post properly!

    Victoria, I love that your Care Bear was Grumpy Bear! My sister had Tenderheart, but I always like Grumpy Bear better. The Eeyore of the Care Bears!

  6. Stripynails, I have a Bear Factory bear from my Uni days too. She wears a fur coat which I remember thinking at the time was brilliantly ironic. Furry bear in a fur coat. Oh, the LOLs.

  7. The Bear Factory scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid. Stuffing poor little bear skins, giving them a fake voice? Forcing them to say the same thing OVER AND OVER AGAIN for eternity?



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