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Wednesday 27 July 2011

I'll chalk you in...

Things were quiet on Monday. The nice kind of quiet. I had just enough work to be getting on with, time to eat cake and nap, and lots of time for plotting and scheming. But then SOMETHING HAPPENED AND OMG WHERE HAS MY WEEK GONE? WHAT DAY IS IT? CAN I HIDE UNDER MY DESK UNTIL IT'S GONE PLEASE?

My Google calendar is a mess, and I'm a little bit frazzled. Instead of combatting this by going to the pub at lunchtime (I'll be honest, that's tempting option two), I'm going to invest in this chalkboard calendar wall sticker from Rose & Grey (£69.95 - a small price to pay for my sanity). I'll stick it above my desk and if plans go kaput, I'll scribble them out straight and add in the right things. I'm sure it'll help me keep track of everything. Or, I'll just fill it with fun things like drinks and dancing. And that's just as worthwhile.

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