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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Not Another Bill

There are an awful lot of things that fall through Sluttery HQ's letterbox. Takeaway menus (which make me instantly want pizza at 9am), lovely magazines and catalogues and exciting things for me to read while the kettle boils, and bills. Lots and lots of bills. They're horrid things.

So this week, I'm signing up to Not Another Bill. Instead of bills, you get PRESENTS. Good ones, too. You just pay £15 a month, including delivery, for as many months as you'd like. Then you get a beautifully wrapped gift in the post at the start of each month. Everyone knows how good surprise presents are. There's nothing better than a surprise present. Unless that surprise gift is roast potatoes.

So, what kind of presents? Well those lovely folk at Present & Correct have sent one, as well as recent Sluttery discoveries Allotinabox and Inca Starzinsky. Basically, stuff you'll really really want as presents. Even if one of the gifts isn't completely to your taste, the presents will be pretty enough for you to wrap up, regift and send them on their way to a new home.

This is lots better than bills. And takeaway menus. I'm already excited about what I might get in the post next month.

Thanks to @susiweaser on Twitter for the tip-off.


  1. Just reading your blog for the first time - lovely! Did you know that Miki and Alotinabox live round the corner from each other (and I live only 6 doors from Miki). So I think you would like our corner of the world!

  2. I had no idea! What a creative little place.

  3. One of those "why did no one think of this sooner?" moments. Genius.

    Myself and a few friends have recently exchanged handmade goodies by post.


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