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Friday 22 July 2011

Ben Venom's Metal T-Shirt Quilts

You wouldn't know it to look at me now, but I used to rock. Hard. I dated a drummer for Christ's sake, if that's not devotion to the metal cause I don't know what is.

American artist Ben Venom makes these metal quilts using genuine metal band t-shirts. They're so cool I'm actually having flashbacks to Reading 2000 when someone crowdsurfed into the back of my head and gave me a concussion.

The music-lover in me needs this quilt so badly I'm almost tempted to start wearing a nose ring again.

Sadly for the quilt-and-metal lovers niche, the quilts cost between $500 and (gulp) $3500 from the Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco. Looking at the pictures is free though. Let's carry on looking at the lovely pictures and maybe turn on Kerrang! TV. Hier kommt die Sonne...


  1. I was a metal chick too. With the token drummer ex-boyfriend...

    I honestly used to measure a good night out by how much my neck hurt the next day. Thank goodness I grew out of that. Mostly.

  2. I still have a drummer. Not sure he'd let me recycle his tshirts to re-create one of these though...

  3. Most ex rockers have a lot of leftover t shirts.... and most sluts have a needle and thread... so...

  4. Keletubbie, I think I LOVE you x


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