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Monday 11 July 2011

Dream Dress: Ochre Skater Dress

Ochre. One of my favourite words. It's fun to say. Ochre. Ochre. Och... you get the point. As well as being fun to say, it's also a really very pretty colour, as proven with this cute skater dress from Miss Selfridge.

Miss Selfridge have been missing the mark for me recently. They've reverted back to their 1990s vibe, with dresses far too hoochy for my liking. But not this one. This is the perfect summery dress. The contrast neckline is gorgeous, the nipped-in waist will be super flattering and as long as you don't pair with black tights (you'll look like a bumble bee), you'll still be able to wear it in winter.

It's £45, and I should probably buy it, shouldn't I?


  1. Just curious, have you purchased this dress? I am thinking about buying but wasn't sure if it's true to size or not.

  2. I got it for 18 euros the other day, pretty happy about it. The weird thing is that I am very very tall and a size 8-10 on top, 12 below the waist, and the dress is a size 4 yet fits very well. What the ef, vanity sizing much? I didn't protest though.


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