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Wednesday 20 July 2011

Very Important Storage: Take Away Menu Organiser

Much as we like rustling up something tasty in our kitchens, sometimes there is nothing better than getting someone else to do it all for you without any of the washing up or having to change out of your pyjamas. Take away venues of the land, we salute you. Apart from when we receive no post for days on end other than your menus and we can't possibly stuff any more into the emergency menu drawer and we can never remember which one is the absolute best for which dish.

That's why we need this - a take away menu organiser.

But of course! Sounds revolutionary doesn't it? Look inside, it gets even more organised. It has sections for each type of take away.

And a notepad to write down what everyone wants as well as recording exactly where that awesome spring roll you had once comes from.

I can already hear my poor emergency menu drawer cheering that it won't be so cluttered and disorganised.

Take Away Menu Organiser, £12.99 from Organisers And Journals

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