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Monday 25 July 2011

Vintage Corkscrew

I can't afford vintage wine. To be honest, I'm not even very good at telling why good wine is good. Sure, I can understand the difference between a bottle that's a fiver, and one that's £20. But that's when I get lost (or, drunk).

But now we're working with Naked Wines you get access to all sorts of tasty grapes so I thought you should have something fabulous to open your bottles with. (Just use the box in the side bar to the right and sign up for our newsletter, they'll email you a £40 voucher for a case of wine). Even if you're not buying vintage, you can still open your bottles with a vintage-style corkscrew.

This is a really beautiful piece of kitchenware. Old-fashioned, yet somehow still modern. The gunmetal colour is interesting. It just looks a whole lot prettier than that one you pick up for £3 at the supermarket checkout. This one is £29.50 from Liberty, but I bet it doesn't break after opening three bottles.

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