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Wednesday 13 July 2011

We Love This: Silent Cinema

I’ve been utterly rubbish about going to the flicks recently. Since my Cineworld subscription lapsed, the ‘appeal’ of the Trocadero’s popcorn-covered floors has palled somewhat and I end up watching Lovefilm rentals on a loop, simply because my sitting room is comfy and it's only six steps to the gin bottle.

Massive Sluttish hurrahs all round then for the return of Silent Cinema, a concept dreamed up by modern-day renaissance man and Sluttery icon, Damian Barr. This is cinema at its most stylish. You get a pair of headphones and a comfy chair and are then at liberty to scream, cry and get hammered without disturbing a soul. Win! I took two friends to the Hallowe’en screening last year; all deckchairs, carved pumpkins, gourmet popcorn and cider, it was the most fun I’d had at the flicks in years.

It's back at the Deptford Project in south London. No tatty screening rooms here, you’ll sit under a handmade (rain-proof, thank God) canopy with lots of beautiful touches. Think recycled chairs by the awesome guys at Jail Make, and lovingly crafted cushions by Crafty Bitches. And booze. And shitloads of popcorn. And freebies. We hear rumours of make-overs at the Pretty Woman screening, dance classes at Dirty Dancing, and handmade hankies (Crafty Bitches again) for the Weepies weekend. I'm a bit nervous to think about what they've got in store for Alien, but hey-ho.

The season kicks off tomorrow with St Elmo’s Fire (80s weekend), followed by weekends celebrating Americana, the Sci-Fi Invasion and Weepies. I'm sitting at my desk, bawling, at the mere thought of Brokeback Mountain, let alone Terms of Endearment. Or Beaches. Oh dear God, my eyes.

Silent Cinema is £10 and you can buy tickets here. Click on 'more' to get to Weepies if, like me, you are easily confused.

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