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Friday 29 July 2011

Shop in the Spotlight: The Future Mapping Company

Globes and maps have always fascinated me. I used to spend hours looking through our atlas when I was a kid, planning where I might travel to. Amazing places, parts of the world that had names that I couldn't pronounce. Everyone tells you that the world is a small place, but it's really not. It's huge.

The Future Mapping Company take maps to a whole new level. Fascinating, but beautiful as well. This map of London helpfully has cycling paths mapped out, so you can plan your route while you drink your coffee.

This colour map has political and physical information in it. And it's also very pretty. Perfect for planning your next holiday. This map is just £28.

They also do wallpaper maps, at £39 per square metre.

So once you've got a gorgeous map on the wall? Where are you going to go exploring?

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