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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Bargain Boobage! Rigby & Peller Warehouse Sale

*gravelly trailer man voice*

In the year 2011, Kat B accompanied her friend to Rigby & Peller to get properly measured for undies. She came out one back size smaller, two cup sizes larger, and £150 poorer, with an embonpoint that could open space ship doors.

It was the greatest day of her chest’s life.

Well, second best really, because next Wednesday is the start of the Rigby and Peller bi-annual 95% off warehouse sale.

You heard me. 95% off. That’s practically free. There will be stuff costing A POUND. New stock every day. You’ll be able to call on their scarily boob-psychic fitters who just have to look at you to realise that you’re a fool who’s been wearing the wrong size for 10 years.

This Shan one piece was original £275 and will be £30

We’re big fans of properly-fitting bras here at Domestic Sluttery; partly they make your fruit basket look a-mazing and partly because they’re so useful for keeping money, keys and lighters in when you’re out on the town. Treat yourself!

The Rigby & Peller sale takes place at the 20th Century Theatre in Notting Hill, Wednesday-Friday next week. I'm giving you plenty of warning so you can plot when to go and how to fix it in your diary.

Wednesday 27th July from 4pm-8pm
Thursday 28th July from 10am-8pm
Friday 29th July from 10am-7pm

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