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Thursday 7 July 2011

Bag Lust: Nica Alicia Briefcase

I've watched Working Girl more than once in the last month (don't laugh, it's an excellent piece of cinema), and now I'm itching for a snazzy briefcase style bag. I'm certain that once you have a briefcase you fill it with important papers, and a laptop that doesn't have crisps and crumbs in the keyboard. That's certainly more feasible once you've clapped eyes on this portfolio bag from Aspire Style.

Now, it's not leather (I haven't done any important deals with my important papers yet, I can't afford leather bags), but it's a very convincing replica. And even better, it's only £59.

Can I have my own corner office now, please?


  1. I have a Nica bag - they're gorgeous. A woman came running over to me in Liberty to ask if it was vintage (and no, she didn't mean "old and tatty", she meant "classic and beautiful". I hope).

  2. I also love Working Girl. My fave is Joan Cusack - 'coffee, tea, me?' in that Brooklyn drawl gets me every time....

  3. I might be wrong, but is it possible I've seen this on sale in another colour in Dublin's Topshop? I had the blinkers on as I wasn't allowed to shop!

  4. Quite possibly, Laina - Topshop has a Nica concession:


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