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Wednesday 13 July 2011

PiP Studio Love Birds Plates

I'm in love. With a plate.

Of all the tragic realisations in my life thus far, falling enamoured of tableware is probably one the sadder ones. But holy mother of mackerel, the Love birds set from the Dutch brand PiP Studio is so utterly adorable that I want to start buying one a week to built up a set.

The red is my favourite, partly because of the impact (the gold! The red! The robin!) but mainly because it makes me think of Christmas.

For side plates, I'd most likely plump for striped, rather than red, to mix things up a bit. Disgustingly cute.

Or you can try the very cool and beautiful blue version which is less festive and therefore more sensible. But being sensible was never tremendously high on my list when it comes to splashing out on swish tableware.
The Love birds plates also come in a medallion style too, but it's the wrong side of kitsch so it will not visually blemish this post.

Dinner plates at cost £10.95, 21cm for £8.95 and 17cm side plates are £7.95. You can get the 26cm and 21cm from the Selfridges site, although as annoyingly no website seems to stock the entire range, so your best bet is to head out for a stroll and stalk Selfridges and John Lewis. The latter carries the whole lot, not that you'd know from its website which only stocks the more terrifying end of PiP Studio's bed linens and bags line.


  1. You can order straight from the Pip Studio site add 13 Euros for delivery! Not sure how the VAT works though... the prices on the website is slightly cheaper but includes 19% VAT.

  2. Have you seen the dinner plates on Amara? You may be able to find more sets on there! :) Hope this helps!


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