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Tuesday 19 July 2011

Joy in a Kimono

It's not a shirt, it's not a jacket, it's definitely not a coat. It's a kimono, apparently. But kimonos always struck me as something that you'd swan around the house in. Eating tasted bagels. Instead, this is more of a 'oh, it's a little bit cold, this is pretty, I'll throw this on. Even though it sort of clashes with my outfit' kind of thing. There isn't really a name for this kind of thing. Except super pretty.

So there you have it. It's pretty, it'll keep you warm (ish), it's £39 from Joy. That's probably all you need to know.


  1. If I had 39 squid I would probably buy this. Yep.

  2. I've got a slightly similar one from Primark, and it's great for throwing over a vest top and jeans.

    Utter crap in the rain mind you.

  3. this... isn't a kimono. :/ i know the article might just be following the name given on the website, but please- don't spread misleading information!

  4. We do say 'apparently', Anon. We are indeed using the name given on the website.


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