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Wednesday 13 July 2011

Noticeable notebooks

I always have the best intentions of notebooks: that they will be filled with the most wonderful thoughts and thrilling plans. Before long they descend into shopping and to-do lists. Still I keep sentimentally storing up my old notebooks to act as a kind of diary - in fact they just remind me of how many times I've found myself needing milk or bread in the flat. So perhaps the best thing is to keep a dull everyday jotter for all those dull everyday tasks and pick one of these wonderful designs for all the other aspects of my life and daydreams.

These Folk notebooks from Darling Clementine are apparently inspired by the books they enjoyed reading as kids. As notebooks they're the ones to curl up with for cosy fireside reflections. Definitely worthy of your weightiest thoughts, these notebooks cost $19 each.

I've long lusted after this tea towel design, now Maria Dahlgren's London design is available on a notebook from Rockett St George. The bright and colourful London design may inspire me to record my trips round the city rather than just my trips to the supermarket. This costs £9.

There's a jaunty summery feel to these patterned notebooks from Tamasyn Gambell: ones for the holiday diary perhaps? A set of three costs £9 - that's three holidays for me then.

Though there's a very different story behind the name, a Betty for me will always be linked to Cher's definition in Clueless of an attractive lady. So what else could I do with this Betty notebook but use it to record my fashionable wish lists? The cotton bound cover is certain to inspire some stylish purchases. You can buy it for £12 from Culturelabel.

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