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Friday 8 July 2011

Can I have a 99 please?

After getting excited about ice cream earlier in the week, I've also got excited about ice cream vans. You don't see them as often as you used to, but nothing was more exciting about summer than running down the road with your pound coin chasing the jingly music. Absolutely nothing. Especially since my Grandad was an ice cream van driver, so my brother and I would get free 99s and strawberry sauce (he was also Santa at Christmas, he was basically magic).

It's not just me who likes the ice cream vans. In our never-ending love for all things nostalgic, traditional vans are jingling their way up and down the country. Here are the ones I'm most excited about, if you can flag them down.

The Split Screen Ice Cream Company

You can hire Split Screen Ice Cream for your own parties, where they'll hand out ice creams in 25 flavours and ice cream sandwiches. Their flavours include banoffee and raspberry pavlova. Their van is called Mimi and she's based in the West Country. But, Mimi has wheels, she can go all over the country.

Vintage Scoops

The ladies behind Vintage Scoops really go in for the whole twee nostalgia thing. But they do bunting with style and Betty (that's what they've called their ice cream van) is a favourite at events and weddings across the UK. They'll customise their flavours for you, and they also do retro ice lollies. When was the last time you had a cider ice lolly?!

The Little Mixing Factory

All ice-creamed out? (What's wrong with you?), head to London's Southbank and visit the Little Mixing Factory for some frozen yoghurt. It's tasty, even if it's NOT ice cream. They're just outside the National Theatre.


As you might have guessed from the name. Chocstar do all things chocolatey. Whether you're after hot chocolate or some brownies, you'll get that here. And on top of that, milkshakes and ice creams made with Mexican chocolate. They're on tour at the moment, check out the map to find out where.

Who wants a lick of our cone?


  1. There is a wonderful independent ice cream van in Manchester with a vast array of unusual flavours. She also does a home delivery service (but unfortunately only in Manchester). She's called Ginger's Comfort Emporium:
    Highly recommended with a very high deliciousness factor.

  2. There's also a lass from Staffordshire called Nicole who has an ice cream van company.
    Truly Scrumptious Ices, she's on Facebook!


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