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Thursday 21 July 2011

Dream Dress: Snakeskin Midi Dress at ASOS

Snakeskin isn't an easy look to get right. Not unlike its leopard print allies, go one step too bold and you'll look like you turn tricks outside an absinthe bar in Barcelona. But when you get it right, it's chic and sophisticated, without you having to resort to dull ol' black. It's a very thin line between sexy and brassy. This snakeskin midi dress gets it right.

The length works so well on this. It's still sexy - you've got sexy splits all over the place, but there's still very little flesh on show. And the snakeskin pattern is still muted. It's gorgeous from the back, too:

See? Sexy here, sexy there, little bits of sexy everywhere. And never, ever brassy. Not bad for £45, ASOS.

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