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Monday 11 July 2011

The Cakewich

The Victoria sponge cake is one of the best cakes there is. I will not be budged from this stance. If you get a good one, there's nothing more satisfying (except for Jamaica ginger cake, but that's another matter entirely). Good Victoria sandwich has a light sponge (you've got too halves to get through, you don't need anything heavy), it has just enough jam and cream to squidge out of the sides of the cake without falling out all over the place. It's not too sweet, but you rarely need more than one slice. There's an art to a good Victoria sandwich cake.

Unfortunately it's not one that I've ever mastered. I must try harder.

But then there's the Cakewich tin, and this takes it to another level. Turn your Victoria sandwich into a real sandwich! The silicon cake mould is perfectly shaped, and looks very cool indeed. It's just £12.73 from Amazon.


  1. So, I'm guessing you have to buy two?

    It doesn't really make it clear! It's quite deep, so maybe you cut the cake in half? Apologies for confusion, I'm used to using mini (shallow) sandwich tins to make sponges.

    And yes, it's pretty damn good.

  2. I think it's definitely cut in half rather than needing two.


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