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Monday 25 July 2011

Sluttery Travels: Living Architecture

Living Architecture is one of the most interesting and accessible architecture projects of recent years. You can stay in all of these buildings, making them some of the most interesting places in the UK to have a little getaway.

Some of you will have almost certainly read about The Balancing Barn in Suffolk. A swing seat hangs off the edge of it.

Dune House is also in Suffolk, right on the beach.

The Shingle House in Kent is my favourite. Doesn't it look perfectly moody for winter holidays?

There are a couple of new projects on the go now that these have been a success. The Long House is being built in Norfolk now, and will be ready in November. And if you wait until next year, London is even getting it's own bit of Living Architecture.

Yep, a boat perched on top of Royal Festival Hall! (If you go there at the moment, there's a little garden with Astroturf grass and Pimms). Oh I want to stay here so much.

I love the Living Architecture homes. They're a wonderful idea, and actually not that pricey to stay in. The Balancing Barn sleeps eight, and is £740 for a four night break (making it just £24 per person per night). The Shingle House is slightly cheaper at £638. Living Architecture might not be the cheapest holiday destinations we've featured on Domestic Sluttery, but they're making Britain's landscape more quirky and interesting and giving people a chance to experience some amazing modern architecture. For that, they get the Sluttery thumbs up.


  1. Oh my god, I've just signed up to their newsletter. I could really stay in a BOAT on top of the ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL? What exquisite madness is this?

  2. It's madness of the very best kind.


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