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Tuesday 12 July 2011

Shop in the Spotlight: Ayton Gasson

I didn't know about Ayton Gasson lingerie until this morning. Then I saw the super chic Frankie of Swell Vintage mention their sale on Facebook and hopped over to take a look (updating my status can always wait, when there's bargains to be had). It's all GORGEOUS. And, at the moment it's all really really cheap.

This pink silk bra is down from £79 to £25. Just £25! Now, it only goes up to a D cup, but it's such a bargain (and the knickers are reduced to just £18 from £56). And isn't the model beautiful?

These ruffle knickers are in the bridal range, but I want them anyway. I don't have to be getting hitched to be a Miss Fancy Pants. Especially not when they're £15.

Like this little silk kimono? It's just £28!

This Mya lingerie set is my favourite. It's almost like Myla, but instead I can actually afford it. The bra is £25, the pants £15.

They're all such pretty bargains. I have to buy some immediately.


  1. It is, isn't it? I want to stroke it all.

  2. Before I even click through though, do they do much for those of us of the higher cup persuasian?

  3. Alas, not in the bra department. I'm an E cup and still thought these guys were worth writing about. They've got some cute accessories, so there's stuff worth looking at, but if you're after bras and you've got a bigger than D cup, it's the wrong shop. Even though it's all gorgeous.

  4. you are bankrupting me!!!! I just got my two BARGAIN sets in the post.... absolutely beautiful - SO SO SO sexy....

  5. You know we'll never apologise for you buying stuff you love...


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