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Thursday 14 July 2011

Unexpected style icon: Minnie Mouse

Beyond Retro emailed me this morning to say they were now stocking Mickey Mouse ears in their stores. As I pondered the appropriateness of this as an accessory for a 30 year old, I headed over to Youtube to remind myself of what a fashion icon his lady mouse friend Minnie was. I'm sorry to all those who believe Ariel is Disney's greatest style icon - she just doesn't have Minnie's way with accessories. Minnie's style had all the nicest mice fighting over her. Don't believe me? Just watch this clip and sit back in awe.

So how best to capture something of her style? Well, once you've picked up your ears for £4, let's think about the undergarments. Minnie wouldn't be seen dead without her bloomers. While that's perhaps a touch too restrictive for a twenty-first century lady, how about these lacey shorts from Topshop? They are £30.

(you could perhaps wear them without a skirt if you are less of a modest mouse).

Minnie would surely go dotty about this polka dot skirt. It's £28 from the Vintage Owl boutique on ASOS Marketplace.

Slightly disturbingly, Minnie doesn't appear to be wearing a top in the clip above. I don't recommend this bit of the look. Let's skim over that quickly and move straight onto her awesome accessories.

Mention a wedge to Minnie and, unusually for a mouse, she'd think of something other than cheese. How cute would she look in the Miss L Fire numbers? They are £100.

And how does the best dressed mouse top off a look? With a hat of course! This burlesque bowler from LittleMissBDesign could have been made for her. That's £80 (like any style icon, Minnie will obviously be all about the cost per wear).

And the finishing touch? I've a feeling Minnie would love these Paperself lashes from our Culture label shop - suitably shaped for fluttering at Mickey.

All hail Minnie Mouse - the cartoon character whose style is far from mini.


  1. Minnie Mouse has been a style icon of mine since I was a child. Along with Strawberry Switchblade she was responsible for my enduring polka dot obsession

  2. Michelle, I did think of you when I was writing this post - especially as I know you love Miss L Fire. I think Minnie would be proud of you!


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