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Tuesday 26 July 2011

Dept. of Messing About

Usually signs with hilarious slogans drive me up the wall. They're not big and they're not clever. But imagine, just imagine, if there really was a Department for Messing About. This is where you would go when you needed advice on balloon animal modelling. You'd be encouraged to prank call them! And they'd almost definitely be able to give you some excellent work skiving excuses when you wanted to go to Alton Towers.

The Department of Messing About sounds like something I'd like in Sluttery HQ. Just a little corner of the living room, for nothing sensible. There are no bills allowed in this department. Only silliness is allowed. This is probably where I will build cushion forts to eat Angel Delight in.

For that reason, this sign is all sorts of brilliant. It's from Thursday Press and it's £35 unframed, and £73.50 in the frame you can see in the photo.


  1. I am employed by the Dept. of Messing About and under no circumstances are these signs to be used by civilians!

  2. Then can you please give me some advice on balloon animal modelling? I'd like to make a giraffe.


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