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Friday 8 July 2011

Portmeirion Dawn Chorus Cakestand

Buying presents for my mother is a nightmare – she has everything. Not the everything that comes covered in gold and pearls with a nightingale perched quizzically on top, but that all the things she likes, she has.

She’s not terribly indulgent, so smellies are out. She buys a ton of books every month. She’s got lovely clothes and jewellery and is so annoyingly practical that anything flim-flam or whimsical isn’t really on the cards.

In short, July is my least favourite shopping time of the year.

So thank God for this wonderful cake stand.

Not only is it covered in birds (and she adores birds) but it’s special enough to bring out for tea and cakes without being overly fancy, and can be used to put canap├ęs on so we don’t have to keep on using the Christmas plate. It's £26.50 at John Lewis, or £21.20 in the sale at Milly's Kitchen Store.

Happy birthday Mum! I really hope you don’t ever look at Domestic Sluttery!


  1. LOVE. But not entirely sure why I love it so much. I think I prefer single cake stands. Actually, I prefer single massive cakes to cupcakes. You'd put a gorgeous Victoria sponge on this and it would be amazing.

  2. Gorgeous! You could use this to put candles on it; on your dresser for perfume bottles, etc.; on your counter to store salt, oils and stuff you want to keep handy; as a riser on your mantle to layer all of your collectible goodies. Yes, I'm a tabletop whore!

  3. Love this! The whole range is gorgeous and all on sale at Millys. Ordered a couple of things and can't wait to get them. Looks like I'll be making lots of cakes from now on!


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