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Monday 18 July 2011

Shop in the spotlight: Miki Organic

Miki Organic was set up in 2008, and it's full of gorgeous eco friendly homewares. A lot of the organic companies we've written about are pricey. If you want to be responsible about the things you buy, that apparently comes at a price. But Miki Organic try and keep their prices in line with high street shops. They've got some really interesting pieces, but their tableware is my favourite.

I love these striped bowls. They're £13 and handmade in Morocco using red clay.

How cute is this little mug? It's handmade from Earthenware, and it's £8.50.

I love serving platters. I love anything that's been invented for putting cheese and ham on. Nothing with that purpose can be bad, and these bamboo wood platters are beautiful. They're £24 each. And a few pounds for your brie, obviously.


  1. LOVE (!) the striped bowl. Perfect for my minimal/white style. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you for featuring Miki! The tableware is my favorite too xx Claire from Miki Organic

  3. Striped ANYTHING is good with me! It's lovely stuff, Claire.


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