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Wednesday 6 June 2012

DIY Knickers from Flo-Jo Boutique

If, like me, you enjoy the occasional creative project but can't be faffed to trek around a haberdashery department buying reams of fabric destined to sit untouched in the "craft drawer", Flo-jo Boutique might be right up your alley. They supply everything you need to make your own pair of fancy pants.

For £14, you get cotton fabric, frilly elastic, satin ribbons and an easy-to-follow pattern. Choose from a demure country rose print, "Hello Sailor" design with anchors, flashy peacock print or many more. They'll have something you want to clad your undercarriage in.

They say you need a sewing machine, but I've hand-sewn patterns that are meant to be machine-made before to no ill effect. Just say airily that any slight variations in stitching are due to the charmingly home-made nature of the pants. Flo-Jo Boutique's kits make excellent rainy day afternoon projects, or lovely presents for crafty friends. If you live in Bristol, you can even have a knicker-making party in their sewing workshop - alternative hen party, anyone?


  1. I am utterly gutted that you have managed to blog about a shop that is a 5 minute stroll from my house, before I even realised it was there....sob!!

  2. Don't be gutted - be delighted you've discovered it! Imagine if you'd moved away and had never been...

  3. This is a great pressie idea (or just a treat for me?!) x

  4. Ditto, Anon (to an extent). I live just around the corner from Flo-Jo too, and I've been meaning to have a wee look for months. Somehow, though, with Saturday being my only chance (and either being away or possibly 'resting after a small gin of a Friday'), I've not made it in.

    I will strive to this weekend - I'm very excited you've mentioned them!


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