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Wednesday 3 October 2012

Bargain Bling: Manikinn

Manikinn Le Coffee and Cream Necklace
Manikinn has to be the least search-friendly label I've ever come across. Naturally, the day after falling in love with its beautiful (and hellaciously cheap) jewellery in a bright pink hotel suite at Fashion Week, I forgot how to spell it.

You'd think a name this distinctive would be dead easy to find on Google but no. You need the exact spelling or you are directed to a series of increasingly creepy websites selling shop dummies. But dear lord, it's worth the trawl because this Aussie brand is a) gorgeous b) nowhere near as expensive as something this gorgeous should be. Yay online-based labels!

Manikinn Le Lovely necklace - on the website later this month. I love it so.
Anyway, today we are talking about necklaces. I went to go and peer at these rather reluctantly, as they were gorgeous and looked obscenely expensive. Brace yourself, bargain hunter. Each of these beautiful Manikinn necklaces costs AUS£20, a frankly ridiculous TWELVE POUNDS, and come with free P&P worldwide, so you can send one off to your chum in Goa, or Spain,  or wherever the hell they are, for no bother at all.

They have lots of really cute collar necklaces too: here's a few to get started with.
Manikinn Le Jewel Bib Purple
Manikinn Le Jewel Bib Black
Manikinn Le Jewel Bib Green/Blue
I've focused on a very few of the necklaces because otherwise we'd be here all day, but there are loads more to drool over, as well as earrings and cuffs and all sorts. Manikinn is our new favourite crush.

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