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Wednesday 3 October 2012

Top Ten Chicken Recipes

For a lot of us, chicken is our comfort food. Whether it's roasted on a Sunday or torn into strips for soup, chicken warms our cockles. It's also one of the easiest meats to cook with so even when you're shattered and grumpy you probably won't bugger it up. Need some chicken-spiration? Here are our top ten chicken recipes.

Lemon and garlic chicken. It's simple, it's cheap, it's tasty. And it's the kind of dish that makes people think you've been slaving away for hours when really it only takes thirty minutes.

Sherry-soaked roasted chicken. This will make even the rainiest of days better.

Tom Yam Gai. Make this with your roast chicken leftovers.

Honey and peanut butter goujons. Chicken is more amazing when it's deep fried. FACT.

Chicken and asparagus pasties. Such a good flavour combination and not too fiddly if you cheat and use ready-made pastry.

Stilton stuffed chicken breasts. Everything is improved by adding cheese.

Salt 'n' Pepper chicken wings. These are so moreish. Make twice as many as you think you'll need.

Thai chicken noodle soup: This soup has magic ingredients.

Chicken and ginger fried dumplings. Once you've made the fillings, these really aren't so fiddly. And they taste SO GOOD.

Chicken chicharon. Deep fried chicken skins. Look, you have to make these at least once in your life, OK?

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  1. mmm mmm mmmmm chi-cken skinnn....

    I use to say that all the time as a kid. And I'm not sure why.

    1. That deep fried chicken skin is amazing. I'm never allowed to make it again.


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