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Thursday 4 October 2012

Black Moth Vodka

I've always preferred gin to vodka. Don't get me wrong, vodka has its place in on my booze shelf, but I don't really like that you can't taste it. It's too clean for my liking. You can throw four shots into a cocktail and it'll still taste like fruit juice (I learnt that the hard way with the Sluttery Pitcher).

So when I opt for vodkas, I tend to go something with a bit of flavour. Vodka might be the perfect base to carry other flavours. That's something you don't really get with gin (no, Hoxton Gin, stop it). Pincer vodka is a a great example of how you can play around with different flavours, and our rhubarb and custard vodka always goes down well.

This is why I'm very excited about adding Black Moth vodka. It's a truffle vodka, made with European Perigord truffles (no, I don't really know what they are) and it apparently has a 'warm and mellow' taste - not something you expect with vodka. The softer flavour is one that definitely needs playing with and there are some cocktail recipes on the website, just waiting to be mixed. Especially the Noble Moth with Poire William. That's first on my list.

Want to try Black Moth? It's £40 from The Drink Shop. Apparently vodka can be as interesting as gin.

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