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Thursday 4 October 2012

Sluttery Fantasy: Olivia Von Halle Pyjamas

I've got a cold. I am utterly unbearable when I have a cold, so be prepared to start edging gently away from me throughout the course of this post. I've eaten so much chilli, ginger and tom kha gai that I should by rights be glowing with health right now, but colds are mean and they don't give up that easily.

So what makes me feel better? Snuggly pyjamas. But getting ones long enough to fit my 36" pins isn't easy - and no, before you ask, most men's pyjamas are actually quite short. And green.

In my fevered dreams, I am crying out for a pair of Olivia Von Halle pyjamas. Crying! In more way than one because they cost £295. Six foot tall Olivia got fed up with ankle swingers, so designed these pyjamas as a solution; inspired by the luxe lounge wear worn by Coco Chanel and her lounging chums.

Now, although I am the resident Amazon at Sluttery Towers, these fantasy PJs aren't just a tall girl treat. Just choose your height and your dress size, and where they meet is your Olivia Von Halle size. So, if you're 5'1 and a size 6, you'll be a size 1. And if you're 6'1 and a size 14 (cough! 30th birthday on November 2nd!), you'll be a size 4. The pyjamas are made of silk, with lovely mother of pearl fastenings.

The PJs are designed to have a long trouser, and a loose but fitted top, so you won't walk around feeling like a silken blancmange. Pick a colour, pick a style, from Tansy, Sophie, Mary, Namalee and Victoria.
Long Tall Sally marmalade flannel PJ bottom, £25
The likelihood of me ever coughing up £295 for a pair of pyjamas, however gorgeous, is minimal. With that in mind, I recently bought another pair of Long Tall Sally's totally brilliant flannel pyjama bottoms, which I can very much recommend for the long of leg (or those who would like to make castles of material to hang around their ankles). It's not winter without snuggly PJs. What are your favourites to wear in the cold weather?


  1. A grey pair from Dorothy Perkins with squirrels and acorns on them. Squirrels! And acorns! X Laura

  2. A great idea for us tall girls, but my current tactic is to buy men's PJ trousers... They actually fit, and I tend to prefer the patterns to the girlie ones too!

    1. Girly PJs bug the crap out of me. I DON'T WANT CUTE PUPPIES ON THEM. I'M THIRTY NEXT MONTH.

  3. We carry Olivia Von Halle pjs and they have been a great success in our boutique! I wasn't a pj girl but I can't sleep without my Namalee anymore!!!!So elegant, confortable and sexy!


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