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Wednesday 3 October 2012

Cloudy, With A Chance Of Keys

This morning I lost my keys. I became so distracted by my key loss that while I was supposed to be searching for the following on Google*:

I instead started to ask it where my keys were. I was stopped in my tracks by the appearance of a number of other pertinent questions:

Let’s tackle these one by one:

Q. Where are my kidneys?
A. Down a bit. No, too far. Up a bit. A little further back. There we go.

Q. Where are my keys?
A. Calm down, this has all been sorted out now. They’re at the top of the page, hanging from a cloud.

Q. Where are my flapjacks?
A. *Guilty Face* It’s possible that you’ll need to make some more.

Q. Where are my photos on iCloud?
A. I think we established some time ago that you can’t see your photos on iCloud. It’s a cloud, innit? It floats between your devices delivering your photos. They’re all there, don't panic. Your keys are on the cloud, though. Stop asking questions.

I’ll NEVER lose my keys again (I will) with this handsome little Cloud Key Holder from Suck UK hanging in my hallway. It’s £20 and it makes me do a massive smile. However! I’ve thought of a way to make this little key hangout even more delightful:

A THUNDERBOLT KEYRING! It’s £5 from Paperchase, and it’ll look just perfect hanging from your key-cloud. I did try to mock up the finished product in Photoshop. It was less than successful, so you’ll just have to take my word for it and buy both immediately.   

*(Look, I’m still not over it. I need to talk about this. What is it? And why?)


  1. On first glance, I thought the Hathaway head piece was an eye mask, and that she was under some weird spell whereby she wasn't allowed to look at her groom before kissing him or he would vanish.

    And then I realised it was just a very ill-advised choice of accessory.

  2. She needs a POW! head band. Obviously.


    (Just going to post that on all your posts. Also, I am now intrigued by Anne Hathaway's headpiece.)

  4. When you've all finished laughing at Anne Hathaways' poor choice of headgear.... head on over to Amzon where this little cloud is only £11.69 inc delivery.


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