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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Fish and Chips chic

Fish and Chips, how do you have yours? Everyone has their favourite type, probably dependent on where you grew up. I'm always a haddock girl, and get very upset at London's seemingly inexplicable preference for cod. Whenever I visit my parents, I badger them into a visit to Cleethorpe's Steel's Corner House where they do fish and chips properly: you know, with tea, bread and butter and where a 'small' portion will have you on your sofa, groaning about how full you are, for hours.

Sigh. Without having that just up the road, these plates from Home Slice are right up my street. Available at Southbank Centre shop, there are four different designs each celebrating the wondrousness of British fish and chips. This plate is definitely Tastiest in Town.

Each plate is £25, and are virtually guaranteed to make you feel chipper. Look at the big smile on the fish on this Fish and Chips plate. And how much carby-goodness he's carrying for you.

And then you have to make sure you serve it up properly, with mushy peas naturally. How about this tea towel by Graceathome? It's £12 through Culture Label.

Then add your vinegar (I'm also a fan of Scottish 'Salt and Sauce' for an alternative serving option), and a smidgen of ketchup. I'm rather taken with these condiments crayons, available from Maiden for £11. Stay away from the mustard (are you weird or something?), and then you've got the perfect fish and chips. Yum.


  1. Ha! Funny, I just recently came across the original Tastiest In Town sign in Bloomsbury and Instagrammed it because it's so lovely!

  2. Brilliant! And did you try the fish and chips at the Fryer's Delight? I'm curious to know how good or bad they are...


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