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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Top Ten Chocolate Recipes

It's National Chocolate Week, which means we're going a little bit chocolate crazy (again). We even had some for breakfast. Of course, we had a recent chocolate frenzy with our Just Desserts club but we've got loads of chocolate recipes for you to work your way through this week! Here are our top ten.

Mojito and margarita chocolate truffles. This was Hazel's first ever post for us and it's pretty damn fabulous. What's better then chocolate? Booze and chocolate.

The caramel cup. Speaking of booze and chocolate, here's some chocolatey booze.

Chocolate fridge cake. It's still our most popular recipe of all time. We like the Malteser tiffin as well.

Easy peasy chocolate cake. Kat's chocolate cake recipe is very easy to whip up if you've got a spare five minutes. Trust us, you have a spare five minutes. Oh, you really don't? Then how about our emergency chocolate cake?

Chocolate eclairs. They're easier than you think. Honest! The same goes for our white chocolate and limoncello profiteroles.

Creme Egg surprise cupcakes. It might not be Easter, but this recipe is still our most popular cake recipe ever!

Chocolate butter. You heard.

Chocolate chestnut cake. This recipe is gluten free and very tasty indeed. It's probably even good for you.

Chocolate Ginger Pots. These have even been in the Sunday Times, they're practically famous.

Cheaty choc-mint fudge: Cheating is the best. Prefer white chocolate? Then you want our white chocolate and pistachio fudge instead.

Wicked white chocolate mousse. This. Smeared all over our faces.

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