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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gifts for Geeks: Present Indicative

Don't know much about history, don't know much biology... but I do know that I've fallen for the wonderful world of Present Indicative. It's the sister site to the wonderful Literary Gift Company. They're describing this as their 'non fiction' site which makes a lot of sense: basically it's products relating to all those school or university subjects that weren't literature. And a guaranteed gift finder for all the favourite geeks in your life.

The shop is organised in a pleasingly geeky way too, subject by subject. So that stunning pendant at the top of the post would be found in the biology section. It's actually called a Hyphae Vessel pendent and is apparently inspired by vein structures as well as looking pretty (see, told you I don't know much biology...). This spot of science chic is available for £35.

Onto the chemistry lab for this lab ware carafe which actually looks like the kind of stuff I'd like to experiment with. This is £17.95.

I have to confess my maths lessons at school usually involved a lot of clock watching. If only my teachers had been clever enough to install this clock eh? For only £24.95, I'd either be a maths genius by now or I'd have been so bamboozled trying to work out what time it was I'd still be sat in the classroom.

According to the site, this melamine moon bowl is currently top of the class in their current best-selling list. Selling for £17.95, Brian Cox is sure going to be receiving a lot of bowls on his birthday.

My favourite thing on the site is possible the cuddly microbes available in the medicine section. If you'd like stomach ache, you've got the choice of spending £6.95 on a take-away or this cute little bod. Proceed with caution with this one though. After all, who would would want to give anyone Ebola or Syphilis for their birthday?


  1. I love everything! But I do wish that vein necklace was a massive over the top collar.

    1. Me too. It took me ages to realise it wasn't.

  2. The necklace is by a company called Nervous System, and while they don't make a collar in that design - they do make one in another of their designs:

    I swear I am not affiliated with them - I just love their stuff. I have one of their cell cycle rings.

    1. Oh wow, thanks for sharing! I wish I liked it as much as this one but it's a really interesting company.

  3. Oh wow, that's really stunning. Thanks for the tip Talia - that's all my medically-interested friends presented sorted from now into the future, then...


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