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Tuesday 2 October 2012

Sluttery Fantasy: Plant & Moss Concrete Desk Range

I wasn't expecting to write about slabs of concrete today. But then, I didn't discover this Plant & Moss desk tidy range until today. It's not easy to recommend a desk tidy set that'll cost hundreds, but this one is so super swishy that I've decided to throw all reason out of the window.

The accessories include a tape dispenser, a desk lamp (that'll be where most of your £580 goes) and a pen holder. They've got gorgeous touches of polished brass, oak and copper.

I know that the prices are more than a little steep, but the design is wonderful. I spend roughly a million hours a week at my desk, maybe a plastic in tray and tatty ol' tape dispenser doesn't cut it when I'm trying to write a great novel. These might be pricey, but they'll probably last longer than me.

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