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Friday 5 October 2012

Luscious Lingerie: Ell & Cee

I've been sitting on Ell & Cee for a while now. They've been doing up their website (and a mighty fine job they've done of it, too) and I've been waiting patiently to show you their gorgeous smalls. Some of their pieces of lingerie are so damn foxy. I've picked my favourites and as would luck would have it, they've also got a sale on so there are a few bargains to be had.

Can we just take a second to admire that model's phenomenal figure?! She looks gorgeous. The underwear is pretty damn sexy as well. The pewter silk bra is £70. Ouch. Where's that sale I mentioned?

This is better. Super sexy things that I can actually afford. The high-waisted pants are now £19, the studded bra is £32. Those cut-outs are hot.

The bow on the back of those fabulous knickers is detachable, but that sort of defeats the object. They're £35 instead of £50 and utterly divine. Yes, they're impractical. What's your point?

This foxy (and admittedly very pointless) chiffon robe is £95. BUT, there's a very similar silk playsuit thingy in the sale and that's £79.50.

Yes, I just lounge about in my sexy pants and high heels all the time, don't you? Nice lipstick, too.

One more for luck. The frilled bra is reduced to £16. There's also a polka dot bodysuit in the same style for £21. Ell & Cee are making some very pretty frilly things indeed and their photographer and stylist deserve a thumbs up as well. Definitely worth waiting for.

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  1. Worth noting that Fox and Rose sell Ell & Cee and have near enough constant sales and offers. They also have an exclusive Ell & Cee collection at the mo.


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