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Monday 8 October 2012

Shop in the Spotlight: Rosie's Armoire

Carte Postale purse, £17
I’m a bit nosy. This has served me very well in my day job as a journalist (although I believe in the industry we prefer to call it “a genuine and abiding interest in humanity in all its intricate and infinite complexity”). In my actual life, it manifests itself in two distinct ways:
  1. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by other people’s bathrooms. There’s always time for a quick snoop-wee in someone else’s home (preferably in the lavatory, but each to her own – you may have some kind of revenge debt to pay). I think I can accurately judge a person’s character by their choice of loo roll alone. Quilted? Peach? Soft soft soft Triple Velvet? Or (gasp) moist wipes? And don’t get me started on posh handwash. (No, really. Don’t get me started. This bit has nothing to do with what I’m supposed to be writing about and frankly it’s gone on long enough.)
  2. I am obsessed with old letters and postcards. I spend hours in antiques shops rifling through piles of old correspondence from people who have nothing to do with me. My house is overflowing with missives from soldiers to their far-away brides, and scribbled tales of (not my) Aunt Maud’s trip to Aberdeen in 1903 (“Bert doesn’t much care for Scotch food”). I love looking at the handwriting, the stamps, the addresses – but mainly I just like trying to imagine the people behind the scrawl. I repeat: I am obsessed. GIMME EVERYBODY’S STORIES.   
From Italy With Love purse, £17
I’m brimming over with delight, therefore, at the loveliness that is Rosie’s Armoire. Textile designer Helen Ashworth is clearly a woman after my own heart. She uses her personal collection of vintage postcards, bills, and other ephemera as the basis for a beautiful collection of hand-printed cushions, purses, and Useful And Pretty Household Things™. I’m definitely getting one of these postcard purses. They’re big enough for make-up bits and bobs, or to use as a pencil case. There are lots of designs to choose from, each as gorgeous as the next. SIGH.     

Cleaning Corsets cushion, £36.50
The best thing about this old corset cleaning bill is the line that reads, “Your recommendation is earnestly solicited.” How politely forward of them.

Correspondence From India cushion, £36.50
I do so hope that someone lives at 382 Ashton Old Road in Manchester, and that they buy this cushion. However, a quick look at Google Maps reveals nothing but a lot of car showrooms. It can’t even find number 382. Woe. (If you do live at 382 Ashton Old Road, I apologise for trying to get a look at your house. You were warned about my natural curiosity, though.)

Provence Grocer's Bill hanging bag, £23.50
This kitchen storage bag would look great hanging from an Aga rail, wouldn’t it? DREAM LIFE ALERT.

Peg Pocket, £19.50
Do I need a peg bag? Probably not, considering I never hang any washing out to dry. But I sure do want this one.

Och, now I just want to spend the rest of the day reading old letters. I’m not allowed. Sob. But at least I can sneak a peek at Rosie’s Armoire when I need a foosty old letter fix from now on.

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  1. No.2 is why I'm an archivist - I get paid to read other people's old letters...


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